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  • The Vodní zdroje Ekomonitor spol. s r.o. Chrudim company has been cleaning the site since 1996. Currently two separate projects are underway.

    The project of the final stage of remediation focuses on cleaning up soil on the company premises and its vicinity contaminated with volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons (CCH).


  • In 2009, the project NIKM (National inventory of contaminated sites) was launched. The goal of the project is to gather as much information about known and suspected contaminated sites in the Czech Republic as possible in a given time period and to perform simple risk-based assessment in respect to the health of people and the environment.  It is to result in a functional and sustainable database of such sites to enable high-quality monitoring and management of the process of cleaning old contaminated sites in the country.

Line of business according to the Register of Companies:
speciality retail
geological work
preparatory work at building sites
specialized civil engineering jobs
construction work, alternations and removal of structures
mediating services
mediating business deals
doing business in hazardous waste handling
waste handling (apart from hazardous)
manufacture of general-purpose machines and equipment
manufacture, installation and repair of electric machines and appliances
engineering in investment construction
utility water treatment and distribution
renting and lending goods and chattels
road freight transport
designing electrical equipment
providing technical advice in the area of the environment and water management
manufacture of machines and equipment for certain economic spheres
manufacture of plastic and rubber products
organizing specialised courses, training and other educational events, as well as giving lectures
advertising and marketing
testing, measuring and making analyses
producing, copying and recording audio and audio-visual materials
publishing and editing
designing activities for the building industry
research and development in the sphere of natural and technical or social sciences
business, financial, organizational and economic guidance
bookkeeping guidance, accounting service
management of public water and sewage systems
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