The use of HVS 245 drilling rig in 2012

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In the first half of 2012 our HVS 245 drilling rig was used at 9 sites. As the volume of orders placed for 2012 exceeds the output of the equipment in normal use (2 workers), we had to switch over to a more-shift regime. The rig now works non-stop, including weekends. There are altogether 4 workers taking turns.

Drilling work has expanded and includes making wells. Currently the price of water from public water distributing system in Chrudim for an average household is CZK 100.-  (Euro 4) per 1m3. The price includes water tariff, sewage charge and a fee for the water meter. As the cost of water from the public system is increasing, more and more people want to have their own source of ground water. The Ekomonitor company, as one of few firms in the Czech Republic, can make exploration wells as well as bored wells without any restrictions. This means also bores deeper than 30 m. In the Czech Republic, such bores have to be inspected by the State Mining Authority. The preparation, designing and making such bore holes must be in harmony with mining acts and regulations, which chiefly concern safety of labour and health protection of workers.

An example of a successful bored well in 2012 is the one made for the Secondary Agricultural and Higher Vocational School in Chrudim. At the school farm, a 65-m deep well was drilled by the HVS 245 rig. The well collects ground water from Mesozoic marlstones of Upper Cretaceous. The well supplies water at 0.5 l/s. Under the permission for water usage, 5 000 m3/year of ground water can be withdrawn. It is good quality potable water without any necessity for treatment. The cost for drilling the well was CZK 250,000.- see table below:

Item Unit Number of units
1 Drilling, well completion, casing lm 65
2 Drilling rig transport total 1
3 Preparation of the site total 1
4 Confirmation pumping test total 1
5 Pumping test day 23
6 Preparation of HDZ working place total 1
7 Fundamental chemical analysis No. off 3
8 Complete chemical analysis + radon + pesticides No. off 1
9 Taking and transporting samples total 6
10 Other overhead costs of HG survey (final report evaluating hydro-geological supervision, sequence and job management) total 1
Total price incl. 20% VAT 250 000,- Kč

Using water from the public distribution system (water tariff), the school would pay 5 000 m3/year x CZK 40.- for 1m3 = 200.000,- CZK/year. This calculation shows that in 15 months the investment of the school will be returned.

Section of the finished well at the agricultural school:

 Řez hotovým vrtem


With growing prices of water, interest in bored wells will also increase.

The Vodní zdroje Ekomonitor, spol. s r. o. company can provide bored wells on a turn-key basis, i.e.:

  1. Design for a bored well, including hydro-geological part. Arranging permission for making the bore hole.
  2. The well is drilled under supervision of a geologist and evaluated in a final report (including water quality).
  3. The company also arranges permission at the water management authority for taking water from the well.

For illustration, we have enclosed a number of photographs showing work with the drilling rig.

Hloubení vrtané studny

Drilling a well


Making a 65-m deep bore hole

     Drilling in a 273-mm surface string



Drilling an exploration well

   Core drilling


Soil sampling      Bored well accessories, PVC-U 140x4.1 mm


Geological documentation of the well      Completed exploration well