In this column you will find information on all the booklets and other materials published by our company. Apart from the company magazine and collection of papers from our conferences, you will find here comprehensive papers concerning waste management, ecological clean-up jobs, as well as the protection of air quality.

  • Innovative remediation technologies - research and experience
  • Papers
    Here you can read articles on a range of subjects. We intend to bring forward specific views on specific issues. You are sure to find articles on subjects that are currently concerning you or might concern you in the near future, on issues related to our work or directly associated with you and your needs.
  • Company magazines
    Dear friends, to keep you informed about current laws and give your practical advice from the sphere of our company’s activities we offer you, free-of-charge, our company magazine. In it we aim at enlightening the general public about our work. You can obtain the magazine at events organized by our company, downloaded it in the .pdf format, or ... just pop in... :-)
  • Books
    The company started publishing specialised literature in 2006. The first comprehensive work was the Compendium of Clean-up Technologies. Currently, another booklet from the Compendium series is being published and, as a result of your queries, we have some more work ahead of us and you can expect another book.
  • Collections of papers
    Here you will find a collection of papers published on the occasion of conferences and seminars, abstracts and summaries from posters. These can also be purchased.