Conferences, seminars and workshops concerning, above all, protection of the environment and transport, have been held by our company since 1996. We cooperate with experts, companies, ministries, universities and collegiate organizations.

  • Calendar of events
    When you look at this page, you will see what conferences and seminars are already in the planning, when and where they will take place. When you click on the name of the event, you will see the details and you can download the invitation, registration forms and other information. To keep you informed, also events that have already taken place are being maintained in the calendar for some time.
  • References
    The References page contains a complete list of all the events arranged since 1996, when we started to hold seminars and conferences. You will see when and where the event took place as well as information on the number of participants. This list is to give you an idea of our work.
  • Photo Gallery
    Please look at our Photo Gallery and recall the events and places you have been to with us. You can view an assortment of photographs from conferences and their accompanying programmes (social evenings, excursions, trips and the like). However, if you have not yet participated in any of our activities, we hope that visiting our Photo Gallery will inspire you to come and join us.

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