Clean-up of old ecological contamination in Mars Svratka, a.s.

The Vodní zdroje Ekomonitor spol. s r.o. Chrudim company has been cleaning the site since 1996. Currently two separate projects are underway.

The project of the final stage of remediation focuses on cleaning up soil on the company premises and its vicinity contaminated with volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons (CCH).


The chief target of this stage is to protect an important water stream, the Svratka River and to eliminate residual CCH contamination at least to the level of preset remediation values. The primary method of the remediation is extracting CCH by classical methods (venting, air-sparging, stripping) and ex-situ disposal of thus extracted volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons.




In harmony with the Project of completing remediation of the alluvial plain of the Svratka River work is underway to clean up the area from heavy metal pollution, namely chromium and zinc.






This year, the former neutralisation station was demolished, and contaminated subsoil and soil in its neighbourhood were removed. 


Remediation work is carried out in the old Svratka River bed into which wastewater from the neutralisation station containing residue heavy metals used to be discharged.



When target parameters have been met, the excavated area will be reclaimed and the cleaned-up section of the old river bed will be restored.